Love MD Outreaches & Stories From The Field

Wow we are back in Chisinau….just a finished up two 10 day outreaches to village over the course of the month of July. We took a few down days to rest, catch up household chores and just process all we did and saw while on outreach. I know for a fact The Lord is alive and well in Moldova in so many ways, while on outreach we were encouraged each day just by the people of the village we meet along the way. Village life is different than the hustle and bustle of Chisinau, everything in the village runs at a much slower pace. This allows you the chance to really open up to people during family visits and just simply talked about daily life leading you into the conservation about their salvation and their relationship with the Lord. It continues to surprise me how much people are open and willing to discuss these matters.

“Love Moldova B” Coteala
As a family we took part in construction outreach to two separate villages in which each come with many stories. The first village we visited was a village in North Moldova called Coteala, only 10 km form the Ukraine border. This village was special in so many ways, first the overall hospitality and welcoming was amazing. The team stayed in houses belonging to church members, we actually got to stay in the parent’s house of a lady by the name Mrs. Lyda, she was in her late 50’s and she along with her brothers and sisters grew up in this three room house. Below is a picture of Lyda and her husband along with the house we stayed in for the week.





We also saw the local church  was full of serving hearts continuing to show hospitality, the ladies of the church prepared three meals a day for us at the church and let me tell you the food was great. In addition to their cooking for us we were able to join them in church services on Sunday of that week and after services the team as a whole all expressed the same feeling as if the church members were one big loving family. The love was the Lord and it shined through them throughout the village as we would later find out.






As for ministry work in Coteala that was true blessing to be on the front lines seeing people’s lives changed by sharing of the Lord’s love. We as a team built an amazing playground for a village children who had no playground to play on. While building this playground we as a team could see the Lord working in us, The Lord choose this team and He choose wisely. There were no disagreements, or  arguments while building the playground. We did have plans or directions to build the playground, all we had to go by was a picture of a previous playground. The church requested the playground two years ago and prayed about it weekly in prayer meeting. So seeing it being built was answered prayers to them. We were able to paint, concrete, assemble and open the playground in three days. The best part was seeing the 50 plus smiles waiting at the gate on the last day of outreach for the playground to open.



In addition to building the playground we were able to make family visits during the day after work was finished on the playground. This is always a special time because you get to see life first hand. Sometimes it is hard to make these visits and see the poverty the village people and children are living in. In Moldova there are issues across the country with deep poverty especially in children and elderly people. This is one of the biggest reasons why OM Moldova has 18 Day Centers for children across Moldova along with 18 Elderly Care Centers too. As the village of Coteala there is no day center or elderly center but the need is there. One day we went on a family visit to meet with  lady and this visit turned out to be one of those hard visits. I am glad we were apart of the team to go see this lady especially for that Michael and Mary were apart of this visit too. Many times on the mission field the Lord shows you things that reconfirm in your heart why you are serving Him. This was one of those times. The lady we went to meet was 86 years old, alone and leaving in a burned out house. Her house burned late last winter and she is still living there. Trying each day to clean up and build. Neither of those things are happening and she has no hope other than The Lord. Her name is Daria, we were able to share the Gospel with her but she has a harden heart from many years of Orthodox beliefs. I ask you to please pray for this lady by name, pray for her heart to be soften and pray she finds a place to live before the winter time comes. Based on current living conditions she will not make it through the cold winter here in Moldova.

Well this blog entry has turned out to be much longer than I expected, so I will close this entry out for now. There is just so much to say about how the Lord is working in Moldova. Within the next few days I will log several more entries to tell you more about Love MD B ” the village of Moscovei” and  Love MD C ” River Adv.” In the mean time i hope you have been encouraged by these updates and stories. Sorry for the long read. Always let your light shine for the Lord no matter what corner of the world you are on for the people are looking for that light. God Bless!  Kelly



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