Troubled Days

The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; he knows those who take refuge in him. Nahum 1:7

Serving God here in Moldova is a true blessing and honor but at the same time there are hard days in Moldova too. Today was one of those hard days. As a family we set out to enjoy the city as Moldova celebrated National Langauge Day today. We planned to go to the park, and we also had a short list of things to do too. As the day progressed we seemed to get less and less done, basically nothing on our list but one thing….the day was becoming very frustrating and tiring. We decided to have dinner at McDonald’s in the city due to these frustrations. So then after finishing dinner my heart was torn and all that I did not finished today was nothing compared to what we just experinced. 
Sometimes the Lord just takes you back to your ” ministry why” whenyou start thinking about yourself and having a pity party at the same time. As we were leaving a little girl stopped at our table and she said a few words, we figured out she was the daughter of one of the workers specifically the one who cleans off table when people leave. There was just something about her that Christy and I both recognized, she was hungry. Mary did not eat all her fries or nuggets so we left them and took everything else to the trash. As we did the cleaning lady ask if we were leaving ( we said yes) then she sent her daughter right over where we sat and set down to eat the food. As we leave out the door we see her through the window just smiling and waving. At this point my heart broke again for the Moldovan people and nothing in my day mattered then. Here I am upset about the day’s events and this little girl has nothing to eat staying at Mom work because home may not be any better. 
Like the verse above says, the Lord is good and He is my stronghold why should I worry or have troubled days, please pray for me to overcome this frustration and at the same time continue to pray for the Moldovan people for they need the Lord as a stronghold. 
God is good, all the time God is good, thanks for your time. 

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