The Juggler with a heart to change a country

Would you be willing to give up a days wage to make a difference in someone’s life even though it was all you had?
We want to tell you about a man on Stefan Cel Mare who make his living jugging. His story reminded us today of what it means to sacrifice everything, just as God did by sending His son to die for us. This man can be found standing on the streets of Chisinau just about everyday, our family has passed him many times walking down the city streets, he has become know as the “juggling man” to our children. He never ask for money but is always excited to show off his juggling skills especially to the children, hoping someone will drop money in his box. He is not a great juggler by any means, he spends most of his time chasing his balls from where he has dropped them, but he does a better job than anyone we know. 


In Chisinau today two major holidays were celebrated, Easter for the Dead and Victory Day, which means that most people are in the village were they grew up visiting the cemetery or in the square celebrating the end of WWII. The city is pretty much shut down otherwise. Today as we walked through the city we were commenting about how empty the sidewalks were, we rounded the corner and the kids said, “the juggling man is here”.  We stopped for a snack from a sidewalk vendor, as we sat there we saw the most unexpected thing happen, we watched a man who is nearly 60 years old  pack up his juggling balls and money box, which didn’t have much in it, but was his income for the day, walk less than half a block and pour out his box into a young mans box who was crippled and begging on the side of the street. Each and everyday God places people in our paths, for us most of them remind us why we choose to serve Him here in Moldova, but today it was just to remind us of His ultimate sacrifice for us personally. No matter weather your here or there God places these same people in your path for a specific reason. God placed three special people in our paths that have just in the past few days finished their race here on earth and are now resting in the arms of Jesus, time is short  we encourage you to make those people God places in your direct path priority. As we close we leave you with a few prayer points: 
  • The  “juggling man” – that he will continue to be an unexpected light to people in his path
  • The country of Moldova – a leader will rise up for this country that has a heart like that of the “juggling man” for the Moldovan people 
  • The family of Savelie and Christina – who’s mother went home to be with Jesus yesterday afternoon
  • The family of Mr. Bud Spiva – who went to be with Jesus Saturday morning
  • The family of Mrs. Deloris Tussey- who went to be with Jesus yesterday afternoon 
We ask that as you pray you remember these people this week. Blessings to you and your families. 

Kelly & Christy

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