Searching for Real Love

It was a Sunday afternoon, the boys were arriving by the bus loads to attend the “At Risk Boys” Summer Camp and there was this one boy who stood out among the other boys. He seemed be more to himself not really apart of the boys in which in came with from the village of Crasnaseni in northeast Moldova. Several of the leaders of the camp begin to talk and discuss more about him, something was wrong. His name is Petru (Peter), he is 15 years old and you see he came to the camp with a serious health concern. This concern was not identified until he arrived at the camp. Petru had a severe cut on the bottom of his foot that was infected and was causing him much pain. He never said anything to anyone about his foot, that could be because of his home life in Crasnaseni.


When he arrived at the camp it had been over a week since he cut his foot. His foot had become deeply infected and needed attention. The leaders decided to arrange for him to travel to local hospital in Vahul Lui Voda, the village where the camp was located. After seeking medical attention his foot began to improve rapidly. He did continue to limp in the days ahead but you could see the pain was better and he seemed to want to be involved with the camp activities.
On the next to last day of the camp I sat down with Petru and talked more with him about life. I asked questions about his family, he told me that both his father and mother were at home and not working abroad. He has three brothers, ages 11, 5, and 2, his mother spends most of her time caring for the 2 & 5 year old. Pretty much his other brother and himself are left to care for themselves. Both father and mother are alcoholics leaving Petru and his oldest brother with the day to day issues to live, this is direct result to why Petru’s foot became so infected. His parents may be home but they fail to acknowledge the existence of Petru, because of this my heart goes out to Petru. As I asked him more questions I learnt some amazing things, one he does not like to play football (soccer), this was very surprising to me. He told me he likes to play more intelligent games, he also told me he has high marks in school. This year he started the 9th grade. In trying to get him to open up I began to ask some deeper questions about his feelings and thoughts. I asked him what makes him happy and sad, he said his family makes him happy but after a long delay in response and a look of sadness upon his face he told me he is sad when his friends use bad language. Then he began to tell me he has attended the Crasnaseni Day Center for three years and he also enjoys going to church there. He also told me enjoys reading the Bible, at this point I knew exactly what makes him happy. He is happy at the Day Center, at the church and reading the Bible. As I wrapped up with him, I ask what would he change at home and again after a long delay he said the door and windows in the house for they were not the best. At this point my heart was breaking, he was looking for real love from his parents, from the Lord, from anyone who cared. I prayed with him, told him I loved him and that I cared about him. Then I asked him for a picture, as we took the picture I told him to smile and his eyes filled with tears and he said he had no reason to, got up from the bench walked away crying.
This is just one of the many Petru’s all across Moldova, this is why I am here to allow the Lord’s love to shine through me even if it is only for a short time. I know without a doubt Petru knows I care about him and everyday I prayer for him to finish school and for someone to come along side of him with a positive attitude to share life together. As I prayer I ask you to do the same everyday for we serve a God who cares for the poor and fatherless. Blessings


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