Are you a dot on a map or a shining light for the world?

 A little over a month ago I took a day trip to the village of Schinoasa in a northern region of Moldova. I was accompanied by a visitor to OM Moldova. Just going to check on a growing ministry and allow the visitor to see how God is working in Moldova never knowing how this day trip would effect my relationship with the Lord.
You see the village of Schinoasa is what we would call a “dot on the map” or “a spot in the road” when talking about small town America. Up to three years ago Schinoasa was not even listed on a map of Moldova. There is no school, no city center, no shop to buy food, no post office not even an Othordox Church to speak of.
Schinoasa is made up of about 250 people, from children to middle aged adults to elderly. The village is a place where everyone knows everyone but at the same time this village has been left behind suffering from some of the worst poverty I have seen while in Moldova. There is no reflection of the West anywhere in the village. No running water and only one well to gather water from each day. It does not take you long to walk the entire village, there you will see houses beyond repair but people still live in them. In the village there are very few cars (less than 5 in the entire village and some of those do not even run). Means of transportation is a horse & cart or your two legs, once you arrive to the main road several miles away you can catch the daily bus to Bravicea or the region center of Calarasi.




As we walked through the village visiting with families who received a goat from a previous relief project I begin to see what really was going on in Schinoasa. I was able to look past the poverty and see the reality. What I saw was amazing, this village was not only a dot on a map it was also a shining light for the world. Remember there is no orthodox church in the village but I failed to tell you there is an Evangelical Church and this church is on fire for the Lord. Even amonug some of the worst poverty I seen there was a church with 15+ baptized members and 6-8 waiting to be baptized from this summer. This church is a shining light for the world. Praise the Lord, for only He can take the credit. Currently they are meeting at the church  twice a week and they also offer children and youth programs each week. The church has basically doubled in 12 months in the believer category, so can you imagine to see where they will be in a year. May be as much as 40-50% of the village or even more. God is good, no matter the sitaution God is good.


So in closing the people from the West have so much they can sacrifice, unlike the people of Schinoasa, and I have to ask are you a dot on a map or are you a shining light for the world even if it means ministering and sharing the Gospel with some Muslims just up the street in small town America.


I praise God each day for allowing me the chance to make a difference for the Kingdom through Him in Moldova , you can do the same and be that shining light right in your own backyard.
Thanks for your time, blessings and prayers to you and your family.

3 Comments on “Are you a dot on a map or a shining light for the world?

  1. Christy, your picture of the lady with the goat reminded me that the children on Wed. night, with the help of some adults, collected enough money last year to purchase 3 goats as a part of Franklin Graham’s relief project.


    • Hello Mrs. Cynthia, great to hear from you and thanks for the response. Yes believe it or not goats play a huge impact in changing a family especially for the children. The goat allows the children to have fresh milk daily which is so important for growth. No matter the project it is always an encouragement to see the smiles and happiness they bring when you get to see them played out in everyday life. Lives are impacted and changed for the Kingdom because of people like you who understand the importance of missions. Thanks for investing in the Wednesday children and World Missions. Blessings


  2. Hello Kelly,
    I was surprised to find your story on the internet! Two weeks ago I was in Schinoasa for Mission without Borders (Netherlands) and I had a meeting with the pastor and family (picture woman with daughters and goat). I fully confirm your story of ‘shinning light for the world’. These people told me a story of hope. A few years ago nobody was really taking care for each other, living their lives without any perspective. But now, when faith entered, the main part of the community starts to flourish (lot’s of activities of the new local church, access to fresh water, practical and emotional help from Mission without Borders, plans for a common broom business, etc.). Thanks for sharing your story, pictures and encouragement!


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