A Missionary Mom


Some times you have to take a walk in someone else’s shoes to fully understand the day to day of the life they lead. Everyone’s life is different, full of happiness, joy, pleasure, reward but also sadness, loneliness, fear and sacrifice. In recent weeks I have walked in someone else’s shoes and just after a few days I realized an unknown sacrifice in that person’s life that they experience each day.
Just a few weeks ago I had the pleasure to be mom to Michael & Mary as Christy attended a mentoring conference in Brussels, she was away for 8 days and our family unit became three people rather than four. Initially I thought this will be fun, I will be away from OM for a week, basically a break. Boy was I wrong, understand it was fun but at the same time it was hard work too. For the next week I was to take over all school lessons for both Michael and Mary along with cooking, laundry, and cleaning without my other half. As the week pressed on it seemed as if each day I realized something I forgot to do the day before and I would say “I got this, today will be better”. Christy had prepared all the lessons for schools including detailed instructions for each day. Some days Michael and Mary pushed back on school tasks or said that is not the way Mom does it. I would have to step back and say I am doing the best I can instead of saying this is the way Dad is going to do it. By Wednesday we had developed some rhythm and the week seemed to be going smoother then the feeling of needing to see mom set in for all of us. I decided to call school short that day and get out of the apartment. We drove to the park and just walked to release some of the bound up energy within us from being inside, going exploring in the park is something we love to do as a family so I thought this would help in missing mom. This time was good for Michael and Mary but during this time I was hit by a ton of bricks. After only three days I had to get out, just three days…wow that was a big sacrifice. This is when I realized the sacrifice a Missionary Mom makes each and every day while serving the Lord in a foreign country.
As the afternoon continued into the evening I was becoming deeper in thought about this sacrifice and at the same time I was missing my best friend to talk with. You will never understand that feeling until you live outside of the United States or outside of your home country. So I as felt sorry for myself I began to say she never complains and rarely asks for anything, she is truly carrying out her call to serve the Lord and here I am after only three wanting to throw in towel. We had dinner and settled down to prepare for the next day then off the bed we went. That night I just laid awake thinking about this sacrifice Christy experiences each day. She is in sense trapped within four walls for the bulk of the day, five days a week. Please do not get this wrong, she enjoys her call but I never realized the sacrifice of her call until I walked in her shoes as the mother and the teacher at the same time. She misses out on so many mom events back home, no school programs to attend, no time to just hang out with other mothers for a coffee or tea or even a dinner out with friends. Not even a chance to go with her mother for a day of shopping. No late evening out in town with her husband because we have school tomorrow. No sick days…this one was hard on me. You see on Thursday I woke up with major stomach problems knowing that I had to find a way to push forward for Michael and Mary were counting on me. Sacrifice, sacrifice, everyday sacrifice without complaints for she knows this is her call for this season in her life.
The list is endless for what she misses out on for not being what you would call a normal mom, but you see in the end I realized what I already knew but had forgot. She is not a normal mom, she is a Missionary Mom and what better feeling would it be knowing that no matter the sacrifice each day you are living out the call on your life. Having the chance to share God’s love by being a mother and a teacher with your children each day sounds pretty awesome. Thanks Christy for following your call to the fullest by being a wife, a mother and a teacher no matter the sacrifice. I love you.


One Comment on “A Missionary Mom

  1. Hey br Kely I understand you very very good. I stood with my kids many days at home. In those days I realised be mother is very very hard. In one day I read one verse and I'm agree “hardest job in the world is – mother “. I'm glad for you. God bles you my dear friends


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