A Conspicuous Love

Last week I had the chance to visit a mental hospital for boys to deliver a therapy bed here in Moldova. The visit was unexpected and spur of the moment but exactly what I needed, the timing could not have been more prefect. Before I get started a verse comes mind.

“By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35

This day trip reminded me of how our time here on this earth is short, we do not know the day when the Lord will call us home but we should live each day like it is our last day. Sharing the Gospel and just plain out loving on people. You see, as we arrived at the hospital the boys were outside enjoying the sunshine for winter will arrive soon. As we waited to be checked in by the guard the boys came near the gate. The guard allowed us to pass and gave us directions to where we should deliver the therapy table. The boys did not know us but they welcomed us, and gave us hand directions to where we should go once inside. They just wanted to help and express their love from deep within, a true love without limits and no favoritism.

We followed the boys and guard’s directions reaching the building to where we were to take the table. As we exited the car I looked up and just around the corner of the building were several of the boys making sure we had arrived at the correct location. I did not take any pictures of the boys for the trip was only a short visit but many of their faces filled with emotions are etched in my mind as I write these words. They were just so happy that we came even if we were not visiting them directly. I just wanted to hug each of them and tell them I loved them along with Jesus.

We delivered the table and drove back to the front gate to leave and there they were again to tell us good bye as we drove away. While making the journey back to Chisinau my mind and heart could not stop thinking about what I saw. I even shared some words and comments to my friend that was traveling with me. Quickly I began to understand why I was chosen to go to this hospital on this day not by OM but by God.

So, you ask what am I getting at. Well I want to be more like these boys. Even through their emotional and physical issues they have a sweet spirit from the heart and it shines out to all to see. Let’s go back to the verse, “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”  John 13:35. Jesus was not just talking about our nice thoughts toward others which no one else can see. He was talking about a love that can be seen. It stems from the heart, but it is seen in outward actions to others. It is the sort of love that stands out conspicuously in this self-centered world we live in today. A love that is not trying to gain attention but is clearly visible by all. Believers as well as non-believers should see this love in us as believers and say “They must be followers of Jesus!”

Our time is short here on this earth and I want to be known to have this love/attitude like these boys. I want people to see the Lord through no matter what crosses my path each day good or bad.  I want to be the smiling face at the gate telling others about the Lord and His love.

On this day woke up not feeling the best and truth be known the last few weeks have been difficult and I have lacked this love/ attitude to others and even team members but never knew this unexpected visit would break my heart and allow me to see the need for this love/attitude.

These boys in a mental hospital in Moldova will never know what I saw in them today but my heart goes out to them. I do ask you to keep them in your prayers for the conditions not the best at the hospital but better than being on the street like some others I have send.  Thanks for your time and prayers. Be blessed and let your conspicuous love shine allowing others to know that you are a follower of Jesus.

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