VBS Recycled!

On Thursday November 2nd, Mom, Mary, and I went to the village of Lozova to help with a Vacation Bible School program. The om Moldova team has a family that lives and serves in Lozova, their names are Spiridon and Stefanie Cozaru. Stefanie planned a space themed program for the kids of Lozova much like an American VBS . The day we went she planned for the kids to experience traveling around the world. There were six countries represented there, as well as an airport that was used to travel to these countries. Mary worked in the airport, and Mom and I set up the American country station.

The kids began their journey by making passports for themselves. Then the kids went to the airport and had their passports stamped for country they would go too. The kids would run from the airport to their destination, because they were so excited. At the destination for 15 minutes they were listening to what the Leader was saying about each country. After that they had a snack from that country. At our station we had vegetables, Ranch Dressing, Pringles, and Coke…that’s about as American as you can get. After their snack, we took their individual picture and printed each for them to take home. They were happy to have a photo of themselves.


As I reflect on this day here are a few of my thought. As a child growing up in America my family and I were active in church. I attended many VBS programs. VBS became a regular part of summer time activities at the church. My friends and I were always excited about a new and exciting VBS theme each summer, but as I look back now it seems as if it was a great tradition that we knew would happen year after year. The kids here in Moldova were excited because a group of people came to the village to do a program with them that was completely different from any program they have experienced before. It made me happy to see the joy on the kids’ faces and the excitement they showed us. I am praying this will help the church in Lozova to grow and these people will begin to trust God as their savior.


Missionary Kid



15 Comments on “VBS Recycled!

  1. Granma and Pa-Ka are so proud of your first blog. This makes our hearts feel so good for the work you are doing there along side Dad and Mom. The kids there are so fortunate to have you on their side. Pa-Ka said he is not surprised because he knew you had it in you. Thanks for sharing God’s love with the unloved. We love you missionary kid!


  2. This can be their new tradition to stay excited in Christ, and the Hope of the world he brings. Hadn’t thought of you and Mary as “MK”‘ers until now. Those who are dropped into missions areas because their parents are serving. But you and your sister are having a bigger impact because you have parents who live their faith LARGE. So proud of you for following thru the committment you made.


  3. So proud of your blog!! You did a wonderful job!! You are such a blessing . I know the kids loved the vbs.As much as y’all loved having it for them. Great job!! Love y’all!!!


  4. Michael this is awesome words from you, I know God will continue to use you as a young Christian Man to help carry his word. I read the blogs and they always make me so proud of you and your family. I continue to pray for you all and think of you often. Love Judy


  5. I enjoyed reading your account of the space-themed VBS in Lozova. I’ve seen a few pictures of the event, but didn’t know about some of the activities, including the passports and “visits” to the countries (I hope that Canada was one of the stations…). Your reflection about how VBS is both similar and different in the USA was also interesting and I felt I could relate to what you wrote.

    Keep up the good work, Missionary kid. I’ll look for future posts on your parents’ FB page.

    Lara Williams (Vancouver, Canada)


  6. Oh Michael! How we love you and your sister and mom and dad. We are so thankful that you lovingly serve others right alongside your parents in the name of Jesus. We miss you dearly but know that God is doing big things in and through you so far away. Keep cheering for the Rams. Our team knows they have a real fan in Moldova! We love you!!


  7. Hello Micheal, we all at Harvest Baptist church are thankful you and your sister are serving along beside your parents. I myself always loved VBS during the summer. Keep up serving in the Muldova and on the missionary field, God Bless you.


  8. Hello Micheal, we all at Harvest Baptist church are thankful you and your sister are serving along beside your parents. I myself always loved VBS during the summer. Keep up serving in the Muldova and on the missionary field, God Bless you.


  9. Michael PawPaw an Nana are so proud of you and what you are doing. Proud of Mary, Mom and Dad. I also know there are smiles from above! Love you buddy.


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