Plan or no plan God determines our steps

God has a reason for allowing things to happen. Trusting in His plan when your personality is a detailer is sometimes a difficult task, and it seems satan knows exactly when to strike so that the sword stabs harder every time. This past weekend OM held a conference for girls with a high risk to be trafficked, after helping with a camp for these girls this past summer I was very excited to be a part of this conference. However, I don’t take it lightly when lives hang in the balance and God has given a clear direction to follow. It seemed like this past weekend was approaching fast and plans weren’t being made as to how this conference would take place. The culture I live in now has an approach very different from the one I’m accustom too, I’m not saying that one is right or wrong, they are just different, and after living in this culture for almost 3 years now I have learned to be flexible as long as there is somewhat of an idea of what will be done, we can completely change it in the middle but at least we had something to go into the program with, leaving me with a bit of peace. As, the conference drew closer and the weeks were now days satan knew more than ever that it was a good time to stick the sword in and twist. I had spoken to several leaders who kept telling me just show up there will be something for you to do, each time that was satan twisting the sharp sword, to the point where Thursday came and I still had no clear direction on what was needed from me for this conference. Late Thursday night I told Kelly, I think I’ll just tell the leaders I can’t make it, Kelly suggested I go for the girls. I spoke with a friend,who was also helping at the conference, on Friday morning who said I’m excited that we get to serve together again this weekend. That was the glimer of hope for me to push through and follow through with my commitment. As Saturday morning approached satan was still twisting the sword as much as possible. I still had not been given any responsibility for the conference program, and when I woke up that morning I turned on the shower and no water came out. Was it worth it, had God really wanted me to attend this conference that was the question in my head as I left for the Mission Center where the conference was held.

God had a plan, He always does. After I arrived at the Mission Center He quickly revealed that plan to me. There were a special group of girls coming to this conference that had never been before, and I had no clue they were coming. Girls that God placed in my life about 2 1/2 years ago, that He has been growing our friendships, to a level of trust built between us. It is just another chapter in the story He is writing in my life. As I exited the conference room 4 timid faces entered the front door of the Mission Center, God’s timing and plan was perfect, those timid faces turned into smiles and I was greeted with the biggest hug! At that moment I knew that if for no other reason God had placed me at this conference so that 4 shy girls could feel free to enjoy themselves with out worrying about not having someone they trusted being near. The girls found their beds and quickly joined the group for some fun.


As most of my time was spent helping in the kitchen to prepare food, I didn’t have a lot of interaction with the girls unless they were on break or eating. However, they attended several large group teaching sessions, small group times, used art to journal their feelings, went out and serve the community, ate, and enjoy a spa time on Saturday night.

Their large group sessions were taught from Proverbs 31 on what it looks like to be a beautiful woman, a beautiful wife and a beautiful mother. We wanted them to see that beauty comes from the inside and is not skin deep. That they don’t need tons of make up, or lots of glamor to be beautiful in God’s eyes. We wanted them to understand that being a beautiful wife meand asking and waiting on God to give them the mate he has created for them. Not settling on or giving into the pressure of the cute boy that comes by, the one that has money, or the one that says “he loves them” but doesn’t really show it. We wanted them to know that God creates help mates that will treat them with respect and honor and love them for them. We wanted them to see that just because their mother wasn’t or isn’t there for them that they have the choice to break the cycle.

As large groups would end and small groups would begin, the leader who was teaching would come down to the kitchen to debrief, pray, and breath. These topics are really heavy ones here in Moldova, the 57 girls attending this conference come from families that are broken. Homes that are filled with drinking, abuse, and pain. Hope doesn’t exist in most of their villages and most people are just looking for a way out. We prayed that walls would fall and that the girls would open their hearts to see that God loves them and cares for them deeply. That they would take this information and let it penetrate their souls, and fill them with hope.

After the session on being a beautiful mother, it seemed that one girl was very restless as she enter her small group. As they begin to talk and use their art journals tears filled this young girls eyes. She didn’t want to have any discussion with the leader of her group during this time, but the leader noticed the drawing in her journal…. it was a picture of a sun. In the inner circle she had written what is a beautiful mother with several question marks. On each ray she had written good and bad qualities of a mother. Some included spend time with my children, make sure my children know they are loved, do not care for men/boys more than my children, do not love money over my children… these were just a few. As the group ended the leader ask her if they could talk. They went into a small room and as they begin the conversation the girl’s eyes filled with tears. She begin to tell her story, she wasn’t supposed to attend this conference this weekend. On Thursday afternoon her mom was faced with a discision that no mom should ever be faced with, sell her daughter for money or to stand up and say no. Unfortunately, her mom chose to sell her to some strange man that was passing through the village. God had a greater plan He intervened for this young lady and sent a social worker to this girls home that afternoon. The social worker placed her in the home of a very Godly lady in the next village who had already planned to bring girls to this conference, so instead of being taken away with some strange man she had the opportunity to be loved and cared for. Please pray that this girl isn’t sent back into her home, and that the social worker will get it arranged for perment housing to be provided for this young girl.


This weekend was one filed with many emotions. I pray for these 57 girls that they will be reminded of the things they learned when life gets tough and it seems hopeless. I pray that they will begin to understand how much God loves them and how much He cares for them. I also pray that when God gives me a clear command, I do not second guess Him and that I would not let satan step in my path. When God presents a plan I should trust Him even when the path is unclear.

“We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” Proverbs 16:9

Please be in prayer for these 57 girls as they have returned to their homes. Pray that they will listen and follow God’s plans for their lives.

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