The Springing Fountain

In Moldova there are over 1600 villages and in each of the villages there are wells for water. A conservative calculation would be 250 wells per village for around 400,000 total within an area that is 1/3 the size of my home state of Georgia in the United States. With that being said that is a lot of wells and water. Many times in my travels from village to village for ministry I pass some beautiful wells along the way but beautiful or not, full or empty I often think about a verse in from the Bible.

but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” John 4:14

These wells can only give us temporary relief from being thirsty unlike the water from God that will spring up in us like a fountain representing motion not rest and this motion is eternal life. Water may become stagnant but a fountain rises from the energy within itself. This full representation of the Lord All Mighty living within us. He should be our center, our heart and strength.

I am thankful to have been filled with this fountain many years ago but at the same time this is not the case for everyone and even some churches and communities. Just within the last few weeks  my family took part in a Love Moldova Construction/Village Outreach to reach the least-reached with the Gospel and share with them about the living water. During the outreach we were able to ministry to two separate villages in northern Moldova. These villages were very different in many ways, some differences were easily seen but others were discovered as we ministry more with each passing day.

In the first village one afternoon after a thunder shower I went on a walk and I discovered this well pictured above. The well caught my attention because of its beauty but also made think about how it represented the village we were in at the time. You see the village was like a fountain rising to the top. There is a evangelical church that is thriving. Just the Sunday before including our team there were 70 plus people attending the church service. This number speaks louder than words considering there in less than 250 people living in the village. Each day dozens of children were waiting on us to start the children’s program.

On the last day in the village our team presented the playground to the church, the village and the children. There were nearly 50 children in attendance.

So why was this village a springing fountain full of Believers and the church was a light to all in the village? I had no clue about what God was going to show me at the next village.

We arrived at the second village which was very different than the first, not 250 people but 2500 people and with an orthodox church presence. We would only be there for four days and we planned to have a children’s program each day. We were originally told to plan for 80-100 children for the daily program so we were encouraged by this and prepared the program. On the first day we went walking into the village to invite children and posted flyers with balloons to tell all about the program. That first afternoon we only 7 children, wow where where the 80+. Later that evening walking again through the village we noticed the flyers and balloons had been removed. As a team we were discouraged and I ask to the Lord how is this possible, is there not a fountain here are this village. There seemed to be a sense of darkness surrounding this village, like nothing we experienced at the first village. The next day was much the same, children’s program with around 14 children and some visits with families with food parcels. Each night there was a church service where nearby churches came and the yard outside of the church was full of Believers but not so many from this village.

I began to pray to the Lord asking Him what are you trying to show me through these two villages, one is full of Believers who are springing fountains and the other is struggling because the wells are dry. Then on the last day we visited four different families with food parcels and lets just say my eyes were opened. We visited a blind man named Vatalie who lived alone and had no clue who we were or what we looked like but he prayed and repented of his sins right on his front steps, Praise The Lord. We presented him with a Bible and he was excited because his neighbor would read it to him. There was another couple who had been married for 47 years and they had their share of trials and storms in life. They both knew there was a God but was unsure what the other would think if they repented of their sins. We all began to tell them that time was short and we are not promised tomorrow. The husband told us of a time when he had a near death sickness. The doctors told the family we would not survive. He then told us about a vision he had, he was walking down a long road and it was the most beautiful place he had ever seen. He heard a voice that told him he had a second, make your life right but he never told anyone because they would think he was crazy. That was nearly 15 years ago. They both said it was time to repent but their legs were not in good health and they cannot walk to the church. We told them no problem, you do not need to be in church to repent, your salvation is between you and the Lord. So right there just inside their house on a little covered porch in a village in north Moldova they prayed together, asking for forgiveness and repenting of their sins. We all prayed together and left this house with two more born into the Kingdom than we arrived with.

As we walked back to the church I realized what the Lord was trying to show me through these two villages, it was about lives being saved and not so much about the numbers, you see there were three more fountains flowing with eternal life after this day. I also realized I should not get so easily discouraged because the Lord All Mighty is everywhere and in control. I do ask you to pray for this village, I feel as thou I should not give the name but you pray and the Lord knows this village. Please pray for a great awakening in this village, pray they turn from the Orthodoxy ways and come to the realization that they can have a personal relationship with God without someone in the middle.

blue blue well

So as you drive down the road or travel where ever and you see a well, think about the lost in Moldova who are looking for the living water of eternal life. Thanks for your time as always, be blessed and in our prayers you are.

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