A Locked Heart

Last week I joined a small team and we traveled all over Moldova to visit with various ministries for follow up. Many times, during these journeys we visit with beneficiaries from the ministries. The visits include home visits along with church visits. While on these visits you have the chance to see life first hand in the village, and I have the chance to photograph this life. This has become a recent passion of mine and as I go I am always on the lookout for photos that capture the Lord’s love and His creation. I am also fascinated by the different old doors and style of  locks you will  see along the way. During these visits you will see front doors, side doors, outhouse doors, cellar doors and even barn doors.They all have locks no matter the type of door.  I try to take photos of these doors when I can. The visits last week were no different and on one of the days I spotted a cellar door that needed to be photographed. Just as I took the photo I looked at the door different. IMG_6911The door was a representation of a heart that was locked. As I stood there I began to see more details about this door and lock. Much like us it was bruised, battered, faded and even weathered, this door was an example of a person and the lock was the person’s heart. I continued to stare this door thinking back to my childhood and days gone by, some many memories I have locked away to forget but never really have forgotten. Whether they are  burdens, bad relationships or experiences they all came rushing forward in my mind. Then I thought this is not how we are to live as believers, God does not want this for our lives. Psalm 55:22 came to mind, “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken”. He never said it would be easy but we make it hard for ourselves by not giving Him our burdens, worries, angry, and whatever you are holding in that locked heart. More time passed and I began to think about the Moldovans, some many times they do not think they are worthy of Christ because of their past and they too lock their heart up and throw away the key. I know this is not the case, the Lord sent His Son to die for everyone and whoever believes will have eternal life. He has the key to our heart we just have to be willing to let Him open it. So, I close asking you to pray for the people of Moldova, there are many with harden hearts with locks concerning the past, pray for the Gospel to soften their heart. Also, please pray for their protection, especially the elderly, as winter is coming and the air has already turned cooler here and many will go through the cold winter with no firewood for heat. Have you removed the lock on your heart, forgotten the past and looking to God for the future? I pray you have. Be blessed

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