Yesterday, Today and Forever

It’s hard to believe that in January it will be 5 years since the day Richard and Kim dropped us off at the hotel where we left the life we knew as normal behind and stepped out into the world of unknown. We left with hearts full of excitement that quickly lead to tiredness in Germany, where we stayed 2 weeks before landing at our final destination, Moldova. I still remember so vividly the first day of the GO Conference, it was packed with many training sessions and ended that night around 11 PM with a Praise and Worship session. At that moment in Germany; exhausted from jet lag, minus one suitcase full of clothes that had been destroyed, two exhausted children that just wanted sleep; we sat in a room filled with people but, I felt so alone. Tears begin to fill my eyes and I remember questioning God specifically about the decision our family had made to relocate to Moldova. As, the week progressed He reassured me that we were right where He wanted us. Has this journey been easy? No, however I can say with out a doubt it has been worth it.

The first two years were filled with wonder and excitement. We learned a new language, a new culture and how to live life outside what we had known as out comfort zone. Each day brought new opportunities to serve God in a place that was new. The second two years have been filled with many spiritual battles. Some of these times were so difficult, and that feeling of loneliness begin to creep back into our lives. We even questioned if it was time to leave Moldova and return to America.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9 NIV

Though out all of this journey God has been writing a story, and in every chapter He has been molding my character. Sometimes its been small bumps that just needed to be smoothed out and sometimes its been mountains that needed to fall. But no matter the amount of molding that need to be done He has been faithful and continues to be.

One of the biggest mountains in my life has been learning to wait on Him and His perfect timing. Many times this year I have fought with God about timing. I know His plan is perfect and in His time things will work themselves out, it is so easy to say this to others but to live it out yourself is a totally different thing. Little did I know at the beginning of summer God was going to put someone in my path that was going to consume a lot of my time, not really physical time but emotional time. During girls camp God placed a little girl in my path that was very sick. There were days at camp that she couldn’t even hold her own body up, she depended on someone else to physically pick her up and move her to a bed to rest. At this time it seemed really foolish not to have called the ambulance and had her taken to the hospital to see what her condition was. However, Moldovan culture says we have a nurse here to take care of her and the government may shut the camp down if we take a sick girl to the hospital. It really made no since to me why we would allow this child to suffer, but God had a greater plan. His plan was to use this one small child to impact a community that has never meet her and may never meet her, until we all reach heaven one day. He is using this child to help others see the importance of standing in the gap for others when they can’t. And He is using this child to help me see that even in the deepest times of pain and confusion He is still in control and He still deserves all the honor, glory, praise and thanksgiving.

This precious little girl is currently in the hospital with a brain tumor, and has been given large doses of medicine to try to reduce the size of the tumor. She spends most of her days alone, except for the children she shares the room with. Her parents are both at home and have turned to alcohol to cope with the uncertainty of life. She has two brothers at home who are coping the best way they know how. Her home life is a true representation of life in Moldova. She just turned 12 and didn’t even get to celebrate her birthday. She smiles though the pain and fights past the tears of fear. She has no clue what an impact she is having on so many people. God is using this little girl to make a difference and impact the lives of so many.

 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8 NIV

Please continue to pray for this young child, the days ahead are uncertain. Pray that He will continue to use this child to have a great impact on the Kingdom. And that in His time we will see the pieces of the puzzle connected and that though this He receives all praise and honor.






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