Remember Your Calling

From time to time ministry stories come across my desk that stop me dead in my tracks, today was one of those times. I have been working on Day Center updates in the last few days for donors and I always enjoy reading these updates to see how the Lord is working through the people in Moldova. Specifically today, I was reading the Panasesti Day Center update when I came across this story. Now understand our family calls the Rock of Ages Church in Panasesti our Moldovan church home and we are involved in the lives of many of the children from the Day Center but, not all of the children attend church each Sunday so we do not get to see them regularly.  At first as I read the story I did not recognize this boy, his name is Eugen (name changed for his protection). I even thought he was a new child at the center. Then it hit me, I knew this boy and his story but some time had passed since I have heard any more about the situation. Back in November 2013 Christy and I were in Moldova on a vision trip with a team from our sending church in the States. We visited Eugen’s family and the other family that Eugen talks about in his story while we were in Panasesti. He was six years old then, now 5 years later he is still dealing with the day that changed his life forever.

Below is his story, it is sad but true and for many living in Moldova. I do not doubt the call of my life to serve the Lord and the people of Moldova and today I praise the Lord for reminding me of this story,  and why we are here in Moldova. We are ultimately here to share the Gospel to the unreached and lost. Looking back over the last four years we have done that. Coming across Eugen’s story today has reignited the fire deep inside of me for the Moldovan people especially the children and elderly. There are too many who go without basic life necessities and so many more who die without hearing the Gospel. The only life necessity we need is GOD for He is our Father.

 A Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. Psalm 68:5

This young boy at 11 years old has been struggling for 5 plus years with having no father and wanting to feel the love of a father. I want to go him now, hug him and tell him God loves Him for He is our true living Father.

And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and He is in Heaven. Matthew 23:9 NIV

panasesti boyMy name is EugenI’m 11 and I am in class 5 in the village of Panasesti.  I like going to school, particularly sport.  I have a brother and he is in class 4.  My mother is hardworking, she works here seasonally in the village but also goes to Moscow to work for extended periods of time.  My father died when I was 6, he was having an argument with another man who stabbed him with a knife.  I am sad that I don’t have the love of a father, and that he is not with me. My mother is both a mother and a father.  I am glad I can come to the Day Center at the Rock of Ages Church, the center allows for me a place to do my homework, play with my friends, learn about Jesus and eat a hot delicious meal each day.

Please pray with me for Eugen, and all the other boys and girls along the lost in Moldova to hear the Good News and know they have a Father in God. Also pray for me as I look for new ways to ministry to Eugen along with the other children in Panasesti. Thanks for your time, I pray you were blessed by these words.

One Comment on “Remember Your Calling

  1. Thank you for your passion, dedication, and faithfulness to the work and spreading the gospel there where you are. I can feel the young boys pain. We are praying for the boy and your family and the work there. I love you. Jackie C.


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