Waiting for Death to Come

As we arrived at her house we knocked and knocked but she did not come to the door. Just before we were going to leave she open the inside door on the porch. We said “Buna Zuia” a simple hello in Romanian and she responded by saying “I am waiting for death to come”. She then opened the outside door and invited us in. It was late in October and the air was turning colder. As we entered the house it was quite warm due to the small fire she had started. She was preparing some bread so she would have food for the day.

There we were a team of four packed in the one room of the house surrounded by two beds, one chair and small table. We ask how are you? Again she responded by saying “I am waiting for death to come”. She began to tell us more and more about her life but I just sat there as I processed her words waiting for death. How could anyone get to this point of no hope, she had given up completely. She spends her days waiting for death to come.

Her name is Viorica and she is 75 years old. She has been living alone since her husband died  15 years ago. Together they had a big family with seven children, one died years ago and the others are married, moved away and now have their own life leaving Viorica alone. No one comes to see her except for the lady from the elderly center at the church, she brings a hot lunch each day for Viorica and they talk to pass time. She says she enjoys her time with the lady along with the food but she still sits and waits for death to come each day.

She suffers with leg pain and many days they seem to not want to work. She has to walk with sticks to gather water each day at the well outside of her gate . She recently fell while gathering water and is not sure if she will be able to walk in the snow and ice this winter to collect water each day. She asks, How will I gather water? She also told us she has no extra money from her pension each month to repair the house, she only has enough for her bills and medicine. Many of the windows were broken and the roof was sagging greatly.

As we ended the visit with Viorica her words about death were still ringing in my ears. We said goodbye and with tears in her eyes she said good bye and thanks for stopping by. We left out the gate and I looked back over my shoulder, she was standing there on the front step watching and wondering who visit next or will it be death.


Viorica is no different than the thousands of elderly across Moldova who wait for death to come, they have no hope and have not had any for sometime now. How would you feel  if the family you raised had forgotten about you? That is hard to imagine happening,  I see that everyday in Moldova but also I see the other side where they have hope in Jesus, just like the three elderly who repented of their sins this past summer while we were on outreach. They now sit and wait on Christ come. As the winter quickly apporachs and you have a warm house, or a warm meal, or even a warm means of transportation please stop  think about Viorica and the other elderly across Moldova, lift them up in prayer along with our ministries that support many of them through the winter. If you wish to partner and help bring the hope back to the forgotten please contact me directly.

Now, Lord, what do I wait for?
My hope is in You. Psalm 39:7 HCSB

Today live for Jesus, do not wait for death to come!

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