A Simple Hello…

It was a simple hello that first day we all meet Sofia and her family, we never knew it would be such a complicated good bye. Recently we moved from our old apartment into a new apartment. After much prayer the Lord provided us with this new apartment and the move was a success but at the same time saying goodbye is not all it is cracked up to be.

There are many things different about mission life that you will never experience until you answer the call to serve the Lord full time on the mission field. One of those differences is making and building relationships, we find this to be hard. You find yourself meeting new friends but not becoming so close to them because the Lord could redirect you or them at anytime. As time passes saying goodbye becomes harder than saying hello. Simple hellos become complicated goodbyes.

A few weeks before the move Mary came to me and said you know Dad moving from the this apartment and saying goodbye is hard for me. Sofia and I have become really close and leaving her will be a big change. I told her I understand and feel the same way about Misha who leaves upstairs. I also told her she will meet new friends at the new apartment, and that there were many more children along with a big playground. I guess I was not really convincing, she just simply said okay and walked away. Then a few days later she came to me again and said she wanted to talk more about Sofia, I said sure what’s on your mind. She said, Dad I am worried about Sofia, she speaks Russian and most of the other kids speak Romanian, leaving her with few friends. Do you think we can come and visit her from time to time. I said we sure can. Then she said I want to give her something that she will remember us by but, something that will be more important to her than us. I asked do you have any ideas of what to give her, she said yep, how about a Bible. If we can give her a Bible she will always be able to turn to it for advice and direction. She will also know that God will be with her no matter the language she speaks. As she finished talking I just simply said to myself Wow, that just came out of the mouth of an eight year-old. She gets it, she realizes we need the Lord each day and she knows the Bible is filled with much help too. That is powerful.

Just a few weeks later we moved and yes it was tough, on one of the last trips to the old apartment we knocked on Sofia’s door and Mary presented her with the Bible. There were some tears but also many hugs. After saying good bye we all waved and loaded in the car to drive away, then Mary says; “Dad saying goodbye was hard but I know now Sofia has a Bible and I pray she reads it realizing she is not alone.

As believers we are called to serve and love like Christ. Mary acted exactly like that when thinking about Sofia and her future, I am very proud of Mary and her actions. Please pray for our family to be more Christ like as we go into 2019 our fifth year in Moldova. Pray our family is more intentional about ones we surround and share the Gospel with. Also, be in prayer for the Moldovans that the word will be provided for them and Bibles will be readily available to them. This gift of a Bible to Sofia is special for many Moldovans will never have a the chance to own a Bible due to the high cost and economic crisis in Moldova. Even thou saying hello is easy and goodbye is complicated we have to remember everything in between for this is the time our life reflects Christ and people are changed. Thanks for your time, I pray these words were uplifting and a blessing to you.

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