A Life Focused on Him

As summer approaches OM Moldova begins a summer Outreach program called Love Moldova. We have four opportunities to join a team of foreigners who come from all over the world to tell the people of Moldova about God and His love for them. Our family went on Love Moldova A, we were joined by a team from America. Our purpose was to visit families: where we would give them a food parcel, talk with them and share God’s love with them. The visit that impacted me the most was when we visited a lady named Mrs. Vera. She lived in the village of Bravicea in the summer and during the winter she lived in Chisinau. Mrs. Vera is 69 years old and is battling breast cancer.



She has to travel to Chisinau to the hospital where she has had several surgeries and has taken treatments for her cancer. Her cancer is in stage 4 and the doctors have told her she doesn’t have much longer to live. Her body is tired and she fights an awful pain every day. However, I would have never guessed that because she was so happy, she always has a big smile on her face, and she treated us with so much hospitable. Her story made me very emotional. After, hearing her story I know why she was so happy and didn’t let cancer get her down… because she was a believer, she had Jesus living in her and it showed through her actions. Her story makes me think of how I live my life now and how I should be living my life. It makes me examine my relationship with Jesus and shows me that I need to live my life so that others can see Jesus living in me. As we ended our visit with Mrs. Vera we prayed over her, I prayed that God would continue to give her courage to face each day and that God would help me live a life focused on him.

I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Psalm 16:8 NIV

Please join me in praying for Mrs. Vera in the days ahead, thanks.


4 Comments on “A Life Focused on Him

  1. Michael I am so proud of you and how you are growing in your faith. Love you so much! Nana


  2. Michael,
    I know you were a blessing to Ms. Vera, too. Thank you for your willingness to share your love for Jesus with those around you.

    We love you!
    Rick, Tiffany, Emma, and Kate


  3. God bless you Micheal for all you do. And I pray that God helps Ms. Vera as well.


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