What Will Be Your Choice?

Yesterday morning as I drove to the OM office I stopped for a cold Coca-Cola, it seems that summer has finally arrived in Moldova so a coke was in order. Thinking back today I did not realize that stopping at the shop would involve so much prayer in the days ahead. I walked into the shop, grabbed the coke and went pay, there was a man in line ahead of me. He was not well kept and was emptying all his pockets for his loose change so that he could pay his bill.  He was buying a packet of tea, a bottle of water and a loaf of bread. The lady behind the counter said 10 lei please, and there he stood with a look of confusion. He had a choice to make, what not to buy for he did not have enough money for everything. He quickly decided, gave her 7 lei in bills and some change, everything he had in his pocket. He left the bread on the counter and walked away. The lady called to him back just before he exited through the door, she had made a choice as well to give him the bread, he stepped back to the counter thanked her ten times over and took the bread. I placed my coke on the counter and she said 12 lei, I gave her 15 lei and she returned to me 3 lei, which I left counter and told her it was for the man’s bread. I too had a choice to make. She told me thank you and I walked out of the shop to my car. There I saw the man digging through the trash bins for anything he could use, sell or even eat. I continued my drive to the office.

In life, we all have to make choices that affect our everyday life dealing with work, family, finances and so on. Some choices are easy and some are hard decisions but in the end, each of our choices has consequences. Just like this man from the shop, I do not know his situation but, sometimes in life, he made a choice that got him where he is today. Was it a good choice I do not know, was he persuaded by someone else in making his choice, maybe. As for the lady she too made a choice, did she do it from her heart or just because I was standing there in line. I think she did it from her heart because of a choice she made before. I even made a choice to help pay for the bread so this lady’s register would not be short at the end of the day. I also wanted to insure this man had something to eat, he might even have a family at home. My choice comes with consequences too. We make choices every day they may affect life today,  tomorrow, or life a year from now. Do we really think about the consequences, who will our decision affect going forward? Our choices can be personal or public, selfish or selfless, short-term or long-term either way do we really think about the consequences.

As the day continued yesterday I begin to pray for this man, his life and his situation. Praying that he will find hope in the Lord. I had never seen him before yesterday so I am not sure if his problems have been the result of choices recently or choices from days gone by. I also prayed for the lady in the shop, for her heart of love to help by giving him the bread. I pray she continues to be the example to her family and the people who come in and out of her shop. As the day continued the Lord laid a bigger concern on my heart and the need for prayer. Moldova struggles from many issues, corruption, alcoholism, human trafficking, political unrest, an infrastructure that is crumbling to name a few. These problems did not happen overnight and will not be solved overnight. Moldova is living with the consequences for choices made by leaders over the last 50-75 years. This is a direct result of many of Moldova’s struggles today. Well, some may say Kelly the people were given the right to vote to put many of these politicians in office, and I would say they are right. At the same time, they are wrong too if that makes sense, a politician will promise you anything to get your vote (your choice) much like the devil. So, in Moldova’s case, the promises of change never came and the conditions have only worsened in the last 50-75 years. The politicians became rich and the people of Moldova became poor. 

How can this spiraling out control choice be changed? I think it can be through prayer, starting at the top praying for the president of Moldova. This may not be the person you chose or the person you think is the best one for the job but, at this time in history, this is the person God has given authority over Moldova. I think scripture says it best, 

Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. Romans 13:1

Like him or not he needs prayers and the people of Moldova should pray for him and his family. This goes for anyone God has placed in your life that holds a leadership role over you. An elected official, mayor of a village, police, judges,  the parliament and even leaders in your workplace. They are in need of prayer along with their families too. We should pray for their hearts to be softened and for them to seek the Lord for guidance for leading their team forward. We should also begin praying for the Orthodox church, pray the mindset is changed and the corruption is no more then people will see the church for what it should be and repent. We should also be praying for the evangelical pastors and their families along with other believers to be ready for this great revival that is coming. Wow, can you imagine how the world could change, how the hearts of the people could be broken and lives could be spent living out passion for Christ. 

This leaves me with one more question? What will your choice be? Will you pray for each leader God has placed in your life right now or will you continue to live life in direct disobedience to what God has called you to do. It is your choice and I hope and pray you make a Godly one. 

Be blessed and thanks for your time. This is a very serious matter that requires serious prayer.  

One Comment on “What Will Be Your Choice?

  1. Thank you Kelly, this was so much better than my daily devotion, or maybe it was my daily devotion today, only God knows. I pray I keep this in mind each day praying for all in my life.


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