I am a Christ follower who seeks to follow and serve Him where ever he calls me. In the current season of our life He has chosen Moldova to be our home. Here, we serve him together as a family. I am the proud wife of Kelly, who has most of the hands on work here in Moldova, which I would have no other way. Because, God has given me the greatest task any mother could ever ask for He has entrusted me with teaching two of His precious creations, that I call my children. Together we are learning that life may not always be easy, go smoothly, or as planned but that God sees, knows, and is growing us to be much more than we ever imagined! When we look back at all the pieces He has woven together, I am amazed at how His hand has guided our family and how He has used us to stand in the GAP for the people of Moldova. He is good all the time!

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