A Missionary Mom

  Some times you have to take a walk in someone else’s shoes to fully understand the day to day of the life they lead. Everyone’s life is different, full of happiness, joy, pleasure, reward but also sadness, loneliness, fear and sacrifice. In recent weeks I have walked in someone else’s shoes and just after a few days I realized an unknown sacrifice in that person’s life that they experience each day. Just a few weeks ago I had the pleasure to be mom to Michael & Mary as Christy attended a… Read More

Are you a dot on a map or a shining light for the world?

 A little over a month ago I took a day trip to the village of Schinoasa in a northern region of Moldova. I was accompanied by a visitor to OM Moldova. Just going to check on a growing ministry and allow the visitor to see how God is working in Moldova never knowing how this day trip would effect my relationship with the Lord.   You see the village of Schinoasa is what we would call a “dot on the map” or “a spot in the road” when talking about small town… Read More

Searching for Real Love

It was a Sunday afternoon, the boys were arriving by the bus loads to attend the “At Risk Boys” Summer Camp and there was this one boy who stood out among the other boys. He seemed be more to himself not really apart of the boys in which in came with from the village of Crasnaseni in northeast Moldova. Several of the leaders of the camp begin to talk and discuss more about him, something was wrong. His name is Petru (Peter), he is 15 years old and you see he came… Read More

What do you place your Hope in?

So many times here in Moldova the amount of poverty we see can seem never-ending and so many live without hope each and every day.  Even when you think you have seen the worst case of poverty there is always the next village around the corner. The feeling of living without hope can be overpowering and down right depressing even to a foreigner’s eyes who see this living situation as unacceptable. Then one day you are out visiting with families sharing the Gospel and just loving on them as the Lord would… Read More

The Juggler with a heart to change a country

Would you be willing to give up a days wage to make a difference in someone’s life even though it was all you had?   We want to tell you about a man on Stefan Cel Mare who make his living jugging. His story reminded us today of what it means to sacrifice everything, just as God did by sending His son to die for us. This man can be found standing on the streets of Chisinau just about everyday, our family has passed him many times walking down the city streets,… Read More

The Difference A Year Can Make

January 25th 2016 marked one year we have been in Moldova serving the Lord. This past year has been challenging at times but so rewarding at the same time. We experience days that it seems like we just landed and then days that seem like we have been here for 10 years. This one-year anniversary entry has been a struggle; I wrote the entry many times since January the 25th but I could get the release from God to say this is what you should write about. Originally I wrote to tell… Read More

No Chimney Smoke!

**Just a note the link to the video is at the bottom of this entry, labeled as “No Chimney Smoke”.** Today I was out for a walk around the Mission Center in Codru and I noticed the lack of chimney smoke on such cold day. The houses surrounding me have several chimneys but no chimney smoke. Some of these houses have gas heat but not all of the houses do. So I asked myself how are they staying warm, no gas heat, no firewood to burn. So sometimes you have to see… Read More

In The Blink of An Eye

In the blink of an eye it can be all over and we can be in eternity. Sometimes I think we forget that and we get comfortable with everyday life. I see this in my life more than ever after living in a foreign country. Yesterday I was involved in a car accident, in the blink of an eye it happen. I did not expect it and I was even in disbelief that I just got hit. Praise the Lord I am okay and the lady that hit me is okay and… Read More

Giving Thanks, A Story About Ion

There has been a verse from the Bible in my head all week about Thanksgiving. Sometimes I think we get caught up in life and we just plain forget to give thanks to the Lord for all things no matter the circumstance. 1st Thessalonians 5:18 Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Well what does that verse actually mean in all circumstances? Today I meet a man named Ion ( John), he lives in a small village located in west Moldova called… Read More

Listen Today for Tomorrow is Another Day

So many times as believers we pray to The Lord asking to see the entire plan Jesus has for us. We are never content with what He tells us, we want to see the full picture. We know that is not how The Lord wants us to be for he wants our faith to grow strong and He wants us to be content with his answer, follow His direction and wait for the next answer. For you see two years ago last week we were in Moldova on a vision trip searching… Read More