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Rock of Ages Church Outreach & Evangelism

Rock of Ages Church Construction

Girls Autumn Conference 2017

Family Visits

As a part of ministry here in Moldova we are given the opportunity to go on family visits. These visits allow us the chance to share the Gospel, deliver food parcels, firewood, goats and other ministry needs. As a family we enjoy taking part in this ministry, it allows us to see first hand how God is changing lives. These family visits are some of the best times when we connect the most with the Moldovan people and make unforgettable memories that will never be forgotten.  

Girls Camp 2017

This camp is for girls across Moldova who are at the highest risk of being trafficked. This was my first year taking part in this conference. As stories were shared my heart begin to break, these where just girls yet they had already experienced so much in life. Many abandoned by their parents, taking care of younger siblings, and one even being sold for as much lei as 5 US dollars. This camp gave them a week to forget these lives and just be girls.  


We always love taking part in children’s programs and one of our favorite places to go for children’s programs in is Lozova. We appreciate to the opportunity to work with Spiridon & Stefanie ( News From Moldova ) and the children of Lozova. Investing in the children in Moldova allows us the chance to share the Gospel with them and it allows  them the opportunity to impact the future of Moldova. Below are a few photos from various children’s programs we have been able to take part in at Lozova.  

Snow Snow Snow

The winters in Moldova can be tough,  we saw more snow in our first three years in Moldova than all the other 40 combined in Georgia. So when the snow comes we try to enjoy some family time in it. Snow can bring a smile to everyone’s face. These are just a few of our favorite snow photos.

Girls Camp 2018

Girls Camp is a chance for our team to share the love of Jesus with at risk girls from all over Moldova. It allowed 107 girls the freedom to come to camp for one week and just be girls, they left the pressure of life in the village. We used our time to teach the girls that Jesus can transform them into beautiful women who seek him. They enjoyed swimming, games, crafts and so much more!!


Each year as a team we take part in Run 4 The World (R4TW) to raise money for other OM field ministries around the world. As a family we have grown to love this day and it is always a joy to see the entire team working together for the same cause.