Boys Camp 2016

2016 was the second year offering a boys camp to the boys who attend the Day Centers throughout Moldova. These boys come from some of the most poverty stricken homes leaving them with no hope for a future. The summer camp is designed to give them examples of men who love them and want to see a better tomorrow for them. The camp is usually five days and surprisingly even in this short time you can see the impact of the teachings and relationships on the boys.      

Christmas Shoeboxes

For many Christmas’ in the States we prepared shoes for Operation Christmas Child with our family, we enjoyed doing this with Michael and Mary. Once in Moldova we no longer were able to prepare these shoeboxes but we were given the opportunity give out these boxes to the children in village. Their faces shined bright with joy, excitement and happiness for many this was the only Christmas they would receive. More importantly this program allowed our team to present the Christmas story and the Gospel to the children, reminding them of the… Read More

Love Moldova 2016