Family Visits

As a part of ministry here in Moldova we are given the opportunity to go on family visits. These visits allow us the chance to share the Gospel, deliver food parcels, firewood, goats and other ministry needs. As a family we enjoy taking part in this ministry, it allows us to see first hand how God is changing lives. These family visits are some of the best times when we connect the most with the Moldovan people and make unforgettable memories that will never be forgotten.  


We always love taking part in children’s programs and one of our favorite places to go for children’s programs in is Lozova. We appreciate to the opportunity to work with Spiridon & Stefanie ( News From Moldova ) and the children of Lozova. Investing in the children in Moldova allows us the chance to share the Gospel with them and it allows  them the opportunity to impact the future of Moldova. Below are a few photos from various children’s programs we have been able to take part in at Lozova.  

Snow Snow Snow

The winters in Moldova can be tough,  we saw more snow in our first three years in Moldova than all the other 40 combined in Georgia. So when the snow comes we try to enjoy some family time in it. Snow can bring a smile to everyone’s face. These are just a few of our favorite snow photos.


Each year as a team we take part in Run 4 The World (R4TW) to raise money for other OM field ministries around the world. As a family we have grown to love this day and it is always a joy to see the entire team working together for the same cause.    


Bus4Life is a VBS on wheels, basically the perfect outreach tool for evangelism in Moldova. The bus comes to Moldova two or three times a year staying two to three weeks for each visit. Many times when the bus arrives in the village the children and adults alike are amazed by the bus, for a bus like this has never came to their village. The bus is equipped with a bounce house, a book store where they can buy a Bibles, many games, the chance to view Christian movies and Bible stories…. Read More

Beautiful Moldova

No matter how much we travel across Moldova there is always another beautiful place just around the next corner, whether it be a field of blooming sunflowers, some old gates and wells, or little old ladies sitting by the road side talking. The Lord has blessed Moldova with much beauty.

The Sunflowers

When they are in peak bloom you just have to go and see the fields throughout the countryside, you can drive for what seems like miles of  nothing but rolling golden yellow carpet split by the road. Just a side note, sunflower oil is one of the top produced products in Moldova. Truly the sunflower fields are one of the Lord’s masterpieces.


There are few villages across Moldova that hold a special place in my heart and Branesti is one of them. Seems as thou I would always ended up back in Branesti checking on various ministries. I have meet and befriended many in Branesti but one comes to mind, his name is Alexia. Through a lot of prayer he became a believer and now his testimony is an example to many who have lost hope to continue each day. God is good, all the time God is good.