Beach or Bust…

As we approach the summer season, school is coming to a close and our minds turn to  the question what will we do or where we will go to find some fun in the sun. The most popular destinations come to mind…. Disney World, a nice cabin in the mountains, or somewhere beach side. However, one group of youth from Social Circle Baptist Church decided to follow God’s call and take a Mission Trip instead. We are honored that their Youth Pastor and his wife would give this group the opportunity to… Read More

It Is Well With My Soul

What does it mean to say it is well with my soul? Sometimes that is a difficult question to answer for we all have our ups and downs in life, some are tougher than others but in the end we feel this sense of peace that is unexplainable. That is where I am today, and have been for the past three weeks. Since we have been back in Moldova you can tell a difference in all four members of our family. I am truly thankful for this peace the Lord has given… Read More

God Is A Chain Breaker

God is a chain breaker with a heart willing to love the unlove and forgotten. Come hear us speak on Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church Covington Ga as we talk about this love that can break all the chains in your life. Hear first hand stories of people who were bound but now are set free in the Lord. Trust me you will be blessed for half way around the world the Lord is changing lives in what seems to be a hopeless environment. We serve an awesome God and we should… Read More

A White Christmas

  Merry Christmas! Today is Christmas according to the Julian calendar here in Moldova. In addition to it being Christmas it is a white Christmas too. Thinking back to Christmases gone by I do not every remember a white Christmas so this is first for my family and I. The snow has covered the ground much like a blanket, which reminds me of God’s love. As believers we prayed, repented, and He washed us white as snow. Just like the snow that surrounds me today I am reminded go God’s love and… Read More

Alone & Forgotten

Many times when I go out to the village to visit with different families I cannot but wonder in the last few minutes before Jesus died on the cross how it must have felt to be alone and forgotten. That is the case for many elderly people across Moldova and Ion (John) from a village in south Moldova is no different. He lives everyday alone and forgotten. This loneliness and being forgotten is unlike anything you have experienced. You see Ion is 81 years old and looks to be 90 plus years… Read More

Challenge & Change

Everyone follows a path in life, having to make many decisions along the way. Those decisions will effect the rest of your life whether good or bad decisions were made. Today marks 18 months we have been serving the Lord in Moldova a decision I do not doubt nor regret. When I think back on the last 18 months I find it hard to believe that a year and a half have pasted. My heart is full of joy, seeing all the Lord is doing here in Moldova and how my family… Read More

A Missionary Mom

  Some times you have to take a walk in someone else’s shoes to fully understand the day to day of the life they lead. Everyone’s life is different, full of happiness, joy, pleasure, reward but also sadness, loneliness, fear and sacrifice. In recent weeks I have walked in someone else’s shoes and just after a few days I realized an unknown sacrifice in that person’s life that they experience each day. Just a few weeks ago I had the pleasure to be mom to Michael & Mary as Christy attended a… Read More

Are you a dot on a map or a shining light for the world?

 A little over a month ago I took a day trip to the village of Schinoasa in a northern region of Moldova. I was accompanied by a visitor to OM Moldova. Just going to check on a growing ministry and allow the visitor to see how God is working in Moldova never knowing how this day trip would effect my relationship with the Lord.   You see the village of Schinoasa is what we would call a “dot on the map” or “a spot in the road” when talking about small town… Read More

Searching for Real Love

It was a Sunday afternoon, the boys were arriving by the bus loads to attend the “At Risk Boys” Summer Camp and there was this one boy who stood out among the other boys. He seemed be more to himself not really apart of the boys in which in came with from the village of Crasnaseni in northeast Moldova. Several of the leaders of the camp begin to talk and discuss more about him, something was wrong. His name is Petru (Peter), he is 15 years old and you see he came… Read More

The Juggler with a heart to change a country

Would you be willing to give up a days wage to make a difference in someone’s life even though it was all you had?   We want to tell you about a man on Stefan Cel Mare who make his living jugging. His story reminded us today of what it means to sacrifice everything, just as God did by sending His son to die for us. This man can be found standing on the streets of Chisinau just about everyday, our family has passed him many times walking down the city streets,… Read More