Girls Camp 2018

Girls Camp is a chance for our team to share the love of Jesus with at risk girls from all over Moldova. It allowed 107 girls the freedom to come to camp for one week and just be girls, they left the pressure of life in the village. We used our time to teach the girls that Jesus can transform them into beautiful women who seek him. They enjoyed swimming, games, crafts and so much more!!

Beautiful Moldova

No matter how much we travel across Moldova there is always another beautiful place just around the next corner, whether it be a field of blooming sunflowers, some old gates and wells, or little old ladies sitting by the road side talking. The Lord has blessed Moldova with much beauty.

Where is God?

The Walnut leaves are turning a beautiful shade of yellow and beginning to fall gently to the ground. Michael and Mary were gathering a harvest of walnuts to share with their visiting friends. Off on the horizon are the relics of Orhei Vechi Monastery, a view from times gone by. The monastery and church are eerily silent. No voices to be heard except for a few visitors and their walnut harvest rattling in their pockets. Where is everyone? Who is here to worship God? Has everyone left? Is God gone? Where is… Read More

What do you place your Hope in?

So many times here in Moldova the amount of poverty we see can seem never-ending and so many live without hope each and every day.  Even when you think you have seen the worst case of poverty there is always the next village around the corner. The feeling of living without hope can be overpowering and down right depressing even to a foreigner’s eyes who see this living situation as unacceptable. Then one day you are out visiting with families sharing the Gospel and just loving on them as the Lord would… Read More

Updated Newsletter

The attached link is for an updated newsletter about our ministry here in Moldova. The newsletter is mostly about the amazing summer of evangelism we experienced and stories from along the way. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. If you are interested about partnering with us on this Journey please contact me at email address below. We would love for you to be a part of this experience with us. Have a great day and God bless! Kelly Sept 2015 Newsletter

OM Moldova News

Good read and full of encouragement. God is good, all the time God is good. He will see us through all trials and He will never forsake us. God Bless!  

Love MD Outreaches & Stories From The Field

Wow we are back in Chisinau….just a finished up two 10 day outreaches to village over the course of the month of July. We took a few down days to rest, catch up household chores and just process all we did and saw while on outreach. I know for a fact The Lord is alive and well in Moldova in so many ways, while on outreach we were encouraged each day just by the people of the village we meet along the way. Village life is different than the hustle and bustle… Read More

Love MD B

Greetings from Chisinau,   Been thinking some Chic fi la would be good right about now…..I would even settle for some sweet tea with ice. The first day of  Love MD B is today, 37 foreigners arrive in Chisinau and tomorrow is preparation for Friday departure to village for 10 days. All together there will be 59 people on outreach in Love MD B. We are as family are taking part in the construction team heading to as far North as possible to the village of Coteala to build a playground and… Read More

June Newsletter

Hello to all, Attached is a link to our June Newsletter. Please read as time allows. We are so encouraged to see how the Lord is working here in Moldova. Thanks to our prayer partners along with our supporters. Without pray and support our ministry could not continue in Moldova. Please be in prayer in coming days as Love MD will begin for 40 days of outreach to the people of Moldova. God Bless! Kelly

Love MD Video

Love MD promotional video, share with friends and family, prayer to attend Love MD in 2016. Fii Binecuvântat, Kelly