Panasesti is a village located in central Moldova north of Chisinau in the Straseni region. The village has a population of less than 2000 people. Looking in from the outside Panasesti appears to look much like the other 1600 villages throughout Moldova but, once you unknownspend some time there you being to see a major difference in the people’s hearts. While most Moldovan’s have a heart of giving, and would give you their most prized possession, the people of Panasesti have a heart for God and you can feel the Lord’s presence surround you while visiting with the people there. When we visited Moldova on our vision trip we spent two days in Panasesti and after two short days we knew the Lord was alive and well there. Over the past two years God has given our family a vision to invest as much time into the village of Panasesti and it’s people as we can. We attend church  there each week and we are constantly building relationships with the people. We have seen first-hand God’s work and how He is changing lives there. His work can be seen in families through the gift of firewood, food parcels, and winter boots for children which open the door for opportunities to share the Gospel . God has also  provided for the materials needed to complete the Day Center in which 25 children attended.  Each day they receive a hot meal; that may be their one and only for the day, get help with their school work, and a chance to just be children; not having to worry about the day to day hardships of life. Most importantly they are presented the Gospel and they are being taught good moral values. Looking, into 2017 we seek God’s will for more opportunities for our family to become more involved Panasesti. We want to Stand in the GAP for those who struggle with the day to day life. As a family we have a deep connection and love for the people Panasesti.

Panasesti has a new church plant, called Rock of Ages Church. The vision for this church was given by God to a faithful man, named Petru. The church has an amazing history already even though the building is not complete. I cannot begin to imagine how much of a lighthouse Rock of Ages Church will be to the village of Panasesti.

Trust in the Lord forever, because in Yah, the Lord, is an everlasting rock. Isaiah 26:4 HCSB

The church has a God centered leadership team with a heart for the people of Panasesti. OM Moldova and other organizations are working together to complete God’s vision for  this church. To truly see how God’s hand has been at work you must look back three years ago to when the church was meeting in Petru’s house.  God gave the church leadership a vision for a new building to be built. Within two years a piece of land was purchased, cleared for construction,  and the img_5115walls and a roof were constructed. The building had no windows or doors at this time. In 2016 the church has under gone huge steps to completion; both doors and windows have been installed, the floors have been finished, a play ground for the children was constructed and many more projects have been completed. Praise the Lord on September 4th 2016 the church was able to meet in the new sanctuary for the first time, many milestones have been meet and all the praise goes to the Lord. As of right now the church is about 80% complete, has an operational Day Center for 25 children, church services two days a week, a youth program, and they meet every morning for a time of prayer. It is truly evident that the Lord has been and is directing this church.
Below are some photos of the journey to this point. Please pray for the needed funds to complete this church along with prayers for the pastor and his family as they continue to stay focused on the vision and the direction of the Lord. If you are interested in investing in the Kingdom through Panasesti please contact me directly at

Panasesti At A Glance

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