We now have been back in Moldova for nearly a month and we have settled back into life in a foreign country. Over the last few weeks I have watched the people; especially the elderly people. So much that they have become heavy on my heart. Seems as if there are more elderly here than there were before. I know that is not the case but maybe I have become so comfortable with life like everyone else and I just did not see them or maybe returning to the states for the… Read More

On The Road Again…

We have been back in Moldova for over a month, I have been back in the office for several weeks and I have been so encouraged to see the Lord is carrying out His works in some amazing ways here in Moldova. The first week back I was able to complete what I would a call a milk run, visiting many ministries throughout the country of Moldova to see how things are going. These types of check ups result in long days however, it does your heart good to see how people… Read More

Alone & Forgotten

Many times when I go out to the village to visit with different families I cannot but wonder in the last few minutes before Jesus died on the cross how it must have felt to be alone and forgotten. That is the case for many elderly people across Moldova and Ion (John) from a village in south Moldova is no different. He lives everyday alone and forgotten. This loneliness and being forgotten is unlike anything you have experienced. You see Ion is 81 years old and looks to be 90 plus years… Read More